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Online business degrees from AIU Online

American Intercontinental University offers online business degrees that create opportunities for focused professionals with the industry-current knowledge and skills to establish and advance their careers. If you are seeking an online business degree, rest assured that the School of Business offers a real-world approach to helping you define, pursue and achieve your desired professional goals in many of today's most in-demand areas of the business world. Earn an Online College Degree at American Intercontinental University Online. You don't have to give up your life to earn a degree. American Intercontinental University makes it possible to fit education into your schedule, and nurtures your achievement with incredible support.

Studying at AIU means balancing your life with your desire to earn a degree. Helping you do so is central to our mission; it's the reason we made flexibility a part of the AIU experience. We understand that personal and professional responsibilities can make finding time to study a real challenge, so our degree programs provide students with the option to select between our full-time and part time schedules. Quality, real world, flexible, efficient learning. That's what the Serious U is all about.

Degree Programs Offered By AIU Online

American Intercontinental University Online
AIU programs are industry-current and have been updated to reflect industry standards in many of today's interesting fields. The Bachelor of Accounting degree program culminates in a capstone experience from an accounting practice perspective. Core competencies in technology, critical thinking, and communication are emphasized throughout the program. American InterContinental University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association.

As the fields have grown more and more competitive, AIU has responded by developing curricula that can provide students with industry-current degree programs and focused specializations in business, criminal justice, design, education and information technology. If your future is in the business world, the quality of your degree may be particularly important. So AIU's Associate degree in business administration (AABA), Bachelor's degree in business administration (BBA), and Master's degree in business administration (MBA) are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

When we say we're the Serious U, we mean we're serious about education. Our students are motivated and success oriented. They don't have a whole lot of time to waste, and we don?t want to waste a precious second of it.
  • Bachelors in Accounting:- American InterContinental University offers an industry-focused Bachelor of Accounting (BAcc) degree program. In this specialized curriculum, the program is significantly more focused on accountancy, providing students can have with an opportunity to learn a broad overview of the accounting system and exposure to the subfields of micro and macroeconomics, cost accounting, managerial accounting and accounting in finance and taxation.
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  • Bachelor's (BBA) - Accounting:- Financial accounting communicates economic information and serves as a vital tool for business decision-making. Today's increasingly complex business environments demand experienced professionals who have a thorough understanding of accounting practices.

    AIU Online developed the Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting degree completion program to help prepare students interested in pursuing such career opportunities as Internal Auditors, Loan Officers, Personal Financial Advisors and many others.

    This degree completion program is structured to provide a strong foundation for motivated professionals looking to advance in many interesting financial career opportunities. Graduates will also have a strong foundation for continued studies, should they decide to advance into the AIU Online MBA program in the future.

    AIU cannot guarantee employment or salary.
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  • Bachelor's (BBA) - Finance:- In this specialized curriculum, students will have the opportunity to study the key components of financial decision-making: valuation and risk management, while examining the implications of forecasting, capital budgeting, working capital management and project risk management. Specialization coursework is structured to assist students in the development of their goals as they acquire focused knowledge and skills common to financial analysts in today's modern business world.

    AIU cannot guarantee employment or salary.
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  • Masters in Accounting:- American InterContinental University offers an industry-focused Master of Accounting (MAcc) degree program. The 60-quarter credit program can help holders of a baccalaureate degree in accounting to acquire an advanced specialization in the field. The program culminates in two courses that may help prepare students for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) licensure examination.*

    A Results-Focused Program: AIU programs are industry-current and have been updated to reflect industry standards in many of today's fields. Successful completion of the Master of Accounting degree program can provide students with another perspective concerning economics and financial management and the ability to approach management strategically, including developing plans to improve business operations.

    Required Courses Include: Advanced Accounting I, Advanced Accounting II, Corporate Finance, Financial Statement Analysis and Report Writing, Economics, Accounting Information Systems, Business Law, Public and Not-For-Profit Accounting, Review Course: Financial Accounting and Reporting; Business Environment and Concepts, Review Course: Auditing and Regulation

    AIU cannot guarantee employment or salary.

    Applicants must hold a valid High School Diploma or GED. *Not all programs are available to residents of all states. Admissions staff will advise prospective students of any specific limitations for their states.
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  • MBA - Accounting:- AIU Online's MBA with a concentration in Accounting degree program educates students with a unique, market-relevant combination of comprehensive business studies and real-world financial applications. This online degree program is designed to give students the advanced knowledge, skills, and practical, experience-based education necessary to focus on finance and accounting career opportunities.

    AIU Online created this MBA degree program to help prepare students interested in developing and advancing their career opportunities as Financial Analysts, Comptrollers, Independent Accountants, Professional Investors and other top-tier financial professions.

    This degree lends itself to change and allows us to prepare relevant, timely coursework for students that will benefit them in the real world upon graduation. This helps ensure that AIU Online graduates will be professionally up-to-date upon earning a timely, industry-relevant MBA. This program is accelerated and can be completed quickly.

    AIU cannot guarantee employment or salary.
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  • MBA - Finance:- The AIU Online Master of Business Administration in Finance is for those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the role and application of financial analysis in business. The program culminates in a capstone experience from a business-research perspective, and includes concentration courses in Financial Statement Analysis and Derivatives.

    Students who successfully complete the MBA in Finance should be able to analyze financial information, assess different trading strategies, develop plans to improve business operations, and communicate effectively in business situations. Career opportunities in finance include Financial Analyst, Financial Manager, Investment Banker and Risk Analyst.

    AIU cannot guarantee employment or salary.
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