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  • Get financial aid for college:- BENTON COUNTY - College-bound high-school students should begin applying for college financial aid for next year, according to Nancy Owen of the ACT Media Relations. Helpful suggestions include applying online at the Free Application for Federal Student Aid Web site...

  • SAT Changes Policy:-
    This March, high school juniors taking the SAT will have the option of choosing which scores to send to colleges while hiding those they do not want admissions officials to see. The new policy is called Score Choice, and the College Board hopes it will reduce student stress around the SAT and college admissions... Many students take the SAT more than once, and the College Board automatically sends colleges the scores of every SAT test a student takes... There is no additional charge if a student selects Score Choice, which also applies to SAT subject tests, formerly called SAT II and given in areas like history, sciences and languages.

  • No problem for this college interview:- The webcam interview helps students. The university began the online interview project in May for undergraduate students. The process helps select 1,200 freshmen from 9,000 applicants. Online interviews are new at the undergraduate level but have been used a number of years by graduate schools around the country. David Hawkins of the National Association for College Admission Counseling said the process will grow because it adds a personal approach to college applications.

  • A new frontier of online learning:-
    State-run colleges hope to be 25 percent online by 2015. But there are many factors in the push for more classes. At St. Cloud State, the number of online courses has nearly doubled since 2004, with several degrees available completely online. Numbers are rising elsewhere, too. About 22 percent of U.S. college students took at least one Web-based class in the fall 2007 semester -- up 12.9 percent from fall 2006 and far more than the 1.2 percent rise in total enrollment, according to the Sloan Consortium, which studies online learning.

  • University Of Guam Continues Online Course:-
    The University of Guam still has slots available for an online section of Freshman Composition. Students can register during open registration on January 7th. A news release says the online course is ideal for self-motivated students with busy schedules.

  • University of Phoenix Stadium:-
    Don't be surprised if the grass at University of Phoenix Stadium looks immaculate when the Texas Longhorns take on Ohio State Monday in the Fiesta Bowl. People look healthier after a day in the sun, and the grass does too.

  • Online Program, Master Of Science In Nursing:-
    To prepare nurses to meet the growing demand for highly qualified nurse administrators, nurse leaders and nurse educators, Benedictine University's School of Health Sciences is excited to launch its fully online Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.) program. In launching the program, the university is responding to a specific need in the industry for individualized education.

  • health care, colleges are strengths:-
    Local residents view Birmingham’s medical community and higher education institutions as two of the area’s most valuable strengths, according to an image survey conducted by the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce. In the image survey conducted by a Samford University Brock School of Business marketing class, those within the seven-county region named Southern hospitality and a family-oriented environment as additional strengths of the area.
    Surveys, conducted online and in person, was commissioned by the chamber to gauge image perceptions of Birmingham by Birmingham-area residents.
    Participants cited safety, government officials, public K-12 education and cleanliness as notable weaknesses. According to the survey, respondents believe these issues have a negative impact on the image of the area.

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