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  • Starting a New Career in Accounting:- Accounting is a great career that offers many benefits. Today it is high in the popularity and preference chart among students and counted as one of the few fields that offer many job options and some great opportunities to work. One of the key advantages that you can gain from accounting is the experience and skills you learn while working in the accounting field. read more

  • Internationalizing the accounting curriculum: A survey of U.S. schools:- This study surveyed all the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) schools in the United States on the importance of international accounting to the graduate and undergraduate curriculum and the importance of specific international accounting topics. The results indicate that despite pressure from the AA CSB and the corporate community, a large number of the AACSB schools do not appear to recognize the importance of international accounting as a separate subject area. read more

  • An Online Accounting Degree:- A job and family responsibilities can sometimes make it difficult for a person to attend regular college. A college degree online is a feasible option for those wishing to pursue higher studies or attain a degree. The flexibility of being able to work from anywhere, either home or office, and whenever time permits makes online education appealing. An Accounting and Finance degree is sought after because job prospects are pretty high in this field. Qualified professionals will be needed to manage accounts as long as there are people out there making money. Opportunities for those with a flair for numbers can do very well. read more

  • Online Accounting Degree Programs:- If you are a business person or you have an interest in professional accounting, learning and educating yourself about tax laws and how to operate in an accounting office can only be possible if you take your time to enroll in an online accounting degree programs. You will also be able to find a well paying job with either a private company or public sector if you have a degree in accounting. You will be able to specialize in financial accounting, corporate finance and risk management if you decide to take up a degree program that focuses on accounting. read more

  • Accounting Careers: Promising Opportunities and Tips:- Accounting or accountancy is one of the most promising types of profession today. It is always in demand and the career opportunities here are huge. If you are considering a profession as an accountant, then you will certainly see that this will change your professional life. First of all, you have to know how you can start in the accounting field. Here are some tips that will be able to point you the right way to success... read more

  • Difference Between Accounting Jobs And Finance Jobs:- In accounting jobs, the employee may be employed by an accountancy firm, where they will oversee the financial accounts of more than one company, or by a single company in their accounts department. read more

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